4 Seater Open Canoe


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4 Seater Open CanoeThe 4 Seater Open Canoe is based upon the smaller Open Canoe and boasts many of the same features; its length and beam (width) make it an exceptionally sturdy craft. That coupled with the 3 layer Polyethylene hull which not only eliminates the need for floatation devices within the boat but massively increase the strength of the hull provide a list of specifications normally found on canoes twice the price.

Ideal for family trips or expeditions this canoe is the perfect companion. The main difference between the 4 seater open canoe and this canoe is the additional seat coupled with the two included yokes.

Made from a robust 3 layer roto-moulded polyethylene this product is built to last and is covered by a full 12 month manufacturer’s warranty

Colour Availability

  • 1007G – Green
  • 1007R – Red
486cm 92cm 33cm 46kg

Maximum Weight Capacity 425Kg