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“The River Severn”
Learn more about the river you will be paddling on.

Wildlife you may see on your trip

While on your adventure down the river keep an eye out for some of the river’s wildlife. Below is a list of what you may see!
Otter, Mink, Grey Squirrel, Buzzard, Hobby, Red Kite, Peregrine Falcon, Goshawk, Sparrowhawk, Kestrel, Mute Swans, Canada Goose, Mandarin Duck, Heron, Little Egret, Moorhen, Coot, Common Sandpiper, Kingfisher, Dippers, Yellow and Pied Wagtail, Black Headed Gull, Swift, Sand and House Martin and lots lots more.

DSC01887What to bring and wear

  • All participants should wear suitable footwear i.e. old trainers, secure beach or boat shoes. Avoid flip flops.
  • Lightweight clothing should be worn instead of heavy materials such as denim and corduroy.
  • Waterproof top/jacket advisable if weather looks uncertain/unsettled.
  • Hats, sun cream and sunglasses should be carried.
  • Glasses and sunglasses should be secured with string/cord.
  • Water bottles/drinks for refreshment.
  • Dry set of clothes can be carried in waterproof barrels or by road in support vehicle.

Valuables, cameras and electronic equipment are carried entirely at your own risk.

River Safety

In the event of adverse weather conditions or high river levels Canoe UK Ltd reserve the right to cancel any canoe trip at any time they feel it would be unsuitable to continue.

On booking you will be emailed an on river route finder for the trip you will be taking. Please bring one with you on the day and refer to it. Be aware of your surroundings and what you are approaching and be ready to react before you get to the obstruction, bridge, island, other canoes etc…

When taking young children on the trip, are you confident enough of managing their safety in a river environment even in the event of a capsize?

You are advised to wash your hands before eating, smoking or drinking if you have been in contact with river water.

On the day please respect other river users and look out for fishermen’s lines.

In the event of a capsize:
Under nearly all circumstances best practice is to stay with the craft, rather than abandon it. End grabs and painters at each end, and their use following a capsize, should be clearly explained. The vital part being to hold on to the canoe on the upstream end to prevent entrapment by the canoe full of water!! Self-rescue, assisted rescue, towing the craft to shore or (where appropriate) waiting to be rescued, are all options. Leaving the craft will generally be the last option considered and should only be considered if an entrapment or entanglement looks imminent.

Fallen or over-hanging trees on the river:
These tend to be the major hazard for inexperienced paddlers on easy moving water, even though many may look innocuous. The occurrence of water flowing through submerged or partially submerged trees (known as a strainer) and its associated dangers should be stressed, especially on or around the bridge stanchions.

Bridge supports, obstacles, and fast flowing water:
The rule of thumb is don’t paddle down a rapid until you have seen all the way to the bottom that there are no unexpected obstructions. If it is not possible to see this from the paddle-craft then stop, get out, and at least one person should go and have a look. Clients should be prepared to get out and carry or pull the boat across any shallows or around rapids too difficult or challenging to paddle. If it is necessary to get out in swift or shallow water clients should make sure they get out on the upstream side of the canoe so that it doesn’t push them over or pin them against rocks.

Unguided groups must bring at least one mobile phone within the group to carry in a waterproof barrel with them on the river.

When on the river keep away from river obstructions i.e. bridge pillars, debris in the water, fallen trees, overhanging trees in fast water, shallows, rocks, fishing lines, other river users etc…

If you are on a unguided trip, or want to bring a mobile phone with you on the water so that contact can be made whilst on the river please bring along a waterproof bag or tub to put your phone in. We do carry barrels but we don’t have one per person.

If there is a guide or guides on the river on the day of your trip they are there for our Company Policy and not to instruct, guide, rescue or get involved with clients on a canoeing basis as this activity is taken on by the participants as a self risk canoe hire service.